Pages of the Photo Book, created by technology Print Book, are printed on a digital printing machine and bound in a bookbinder without cardboard or plastic base between the sheets, which makes it possible to place up to one hundred pages in the book, with no restrictions on the choice of photos. High quality full-color digital printing provides saturation, brightness, and clear image detail reproduction. The use of special premium paper, original ink and certified materials guarantees the safety of your Photo Book for many years.

Our palette of cover materials presents elegant colors that are traditionally used in bookbindings and you can choose the color that best matches the design and style of your book. An important addition and ideal accent of the Photo Book is personalization. All variants of cover decoration are perfectly combined with all colors of fabric and eco leather, presented in our gallery:

Photography in the white folio frame in classic or square format.
Metal insert "silver" or "gold" with text, logo, monogram, etc. in classic or square format.
Embossing on a fabric and eco leather with individual design in "silver", "gold" or without filling of a relief.



Velour cover colors

*contact us if you are interested in colors not shown in the palette


Natural wood boxes with a sliding lid are convenient for storing Photo Books and are ideal for for gift decoration. The boxes are custom made from oak or ash and can be customized with laser engraving.

30*40 cm in book and landscape format 20 pages 1000 UAH 10 UAH
25*33 cm in book and landscape format, 30*30 cm 20 pages 900 UAH 9 UAH
22*28 cm 20*30 in book and landscape format, 25*25 cm 20 pages 800 UAH 8 UAH

All prices are in the national currency of Ukraine - hryvnia
The price of the non-standard size Photo Book will be calculated individually
Optional: cover embossing - from 300 UAH, wooden presentation box - from 400 UAH